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Database Replication/Failover

The loss of data can be disastrous for any business, so equipping your database system with a safety net can prevent a potentially damaging setback from occurring. Not only could data loss seriously compromise the normal day-to-day proceedings of your company, but it could prove detrimental to your reputation among valued customers who entrust you with their information. Our dedicated team at SecureIT provides you with the fail-safe data replication software your business needs to streamline and safeguard its operations.

Database Replication works by duplicating your existing data, adhering to data edits in real-time, and increasing its availability within your company – thereby allowing any number of staff easier access to now more localised data. In the event of a fault, Database Failover transfers operations onto a temporary server or network, while the issue conerning the original system is resolved. If your business handles sensitive data and its IT infrastructure requires continuous availability, then this method of data preservation and system security is an invaluable resource.

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