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IT Security

Most successful businesses today deal with a constant influx of sensitive information relating to both internal matters and personal client details. With employees gaining access to a vast array of software on a variety of different devices, you need to know that your business's network is not open to malicious activity. This in turn has lead to an increased demand for highly dependable security services which can always be relied upon in the event of an attempted breach.

Attackers have the ability to detect and exploit even the smallest cracks in a network's security barrier. In order to protect your information, it is crucial that there is a robust IT infrastructure working behind-the-scenes to safeguard it from progressively sophisticated potential threats. SecureIT’s staff of experienced professionals prides itself on the security solutions we offer businesses for website, email, and network environments. Our security services cover the following areas:

Web Filtering

In a professional business environment, you want to ensure that employees maintain focus throughout the working day and aren't exposed to inappropriate content. Using a set of predefined rules agreed by the company, SecureIT can protect your team from potentially harmful spyware and viruses, adult content and cluttered advertising.

Antivirus and Anti-Spam Solutions

An effective antivirus will protect against viruses, spyware and various other malware. SecureIT offers the most up-to-date solutions so that your business can stay ahead of the curve.

Spam is a type of email that your email service, if perceptive, will automatically label junk. The source will arbitrarily send the message - often an advertisement for a product or service - to a large number of recipients with a link to an external website contained within. While the senders are generally engaged in some form of fraud, it dose not pose a dangerous risk to your network. However, spam management is still necessary in terms of preserving bandwidth and saving time.

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